Serving Options

What sets us apart from normal catering is our strive to suit your best needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Catering On-site

Catering On-Site allows the food to be served at stations where trained personnel prepare, finish, or assemble menu items in front of the guests.

This style is extremely popular because guests get to see their food being cooked fresh off the grill. This type of buffet is perfect for any event.

The Gringa's menu will demonstrate the tremendous variety that can make a line order an exciting event for all.

Drop off Service

Do you need breakfast delivered for a morning meeting? Lunch for a company event? Dinner for a birthday party? Our drop-off service can make it happen.

Our professional team of Gringa's staff will work hard to provide you with a pleasant delivery experience.

We are experts in the packaging and transportation of temperature-sensitive food orders, and use insulated bags/boxes at all times.


We offer buffet style chaffing dishes separately that will keep your food warm for up to two hours.

Grab & Go


For a lunch meeting where you need extra focus, opt for individual taco boxes. 

Feel free to ask about the meal options and special dietary requests.


It makes for a filling corporate meal, without the mess of a lengthy cleanup.

Fairs and Advertising Events 

 Engage your target audience at hyper-local micro events, at small to medium sized community events, or at huge festivals where you can reach thousands at once.


Wherever you want to be, we'll cater to your guests and satisfy customers’ appetites for unique brand experiences that works for your brand.